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South Africa´s rooftop photovoltaic installation has doubled, and energy storage has exploded!

2023-08-17 16:58:09

Although the power outage issue is still ongoing, South African President Ramafosa has begun implementing some energy action plans, including doubling the installed capacity of rooftop solar energy.

The President's weekly newsletter is synchronized with the annual progress report of the Energy Action Plan, covering the progress of the five pillars of the plan, including repairing Eskom and improving the availability of existing power supply; Support and accelerate private investment in electricity capacity; Quickly track the procurement of new power capacity and energy storage capacity; Release investment from businesses and households in rooftop solar energy and transform the power sector to achieve long-term energy security.

The use of rooftop solar energy by households and businesses is one of the most important contributions to energy action plans

The report points out that South Africa's rooftop solar capacity has increased to over 4000MW, doubling from a year ago.

New tax incentives and innovative financing mechanisms are helping to promote the vigorous development of rooftop solar energy, greatly reducing power outage rates

The report also highlights the regulatory reforms implemented under the Energy Action Plan, which open up space for private investment in large power projects for the first time.

Currently, hundreds of projects are being developed across the country that do not require any government funding. These projects will play the greatest role in ending power outages and also help South Africa shift towards using cheaper and more environmentally friendly energy

The President reiterated that such projects have reached 10000MW and stated that some of them will be integrated into the power grid by the end of the year.

Ramafosa also emphasized the intervention measures taken to improve the performance of Eskom units, stating that in the past two months, unplanned losses have decreased from over 18000MW to below 16000MW.

Ramafosa also stated that the ongoing restoration service projects at Kusile and Medupi power stations will increase their power generation by 3000MW by the end of the year.

Despite significant delays in public procurement of new electricity capacity, both the President and the report believe that South Africa is making progress in purchasing new renewable energy and natural gas power generation equipment, as well as battery energy storage.

Ramafosa also wrote that Eskom has released nearly 400MW of electricity from companies with additional available capacity, and another 600MW project is currently in the process of signing contracts.

We have purchased an additional 400MW of electricity from Cahora Bassa Company in Mozambique